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We're a to-do list

Get organized. Create goals and the steps it takes to reach those goals.

We're an enforcer

Fail to complete your daily or weekly to-do list, and slackk will let your friends know what a failure you are.

  1. Create a free account and grant slackk access to your facebook and/or twitter account.
  2. Start a goal, and specify the list of daily or weekly items it takes to complete that goal.
  3. Login routinely and checkoff the items you completed until you reach your goal.
  4. Failure to login and update your progress will result in automatic status updates/tweets.

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There are currently 261 Goals

227 of which are active - We also have 683 slackkers!

We're brand spanking new, like 1,346 days new. Help us!


The latest slackkers & how we embarrassed them